will insert them between comments

will insert them between comments
will insert them between comments

MADRID, 14 Oct. (Portaltic/EP) –

Twitter is working on a new marketing strategy with which intends to position advertising of the brands whose products are promoted in this social network in the comments of their publications.

This new ad format is being tested both on iOS and Android and consists of introducing these notifications between the comments of the users.

Specifically, it is after the first, third and eighth answers, if there were, where Twitter intends to promote the brands, as assured by the product manager of the income area of ​​this social network, Bruce Falk.

Falk has posted on his Twitter profile with an explanatory GIF The procedure that are being carried out by the developers of the company, by means of which links are included that are redirected to these companies.

For this manager, this online marketing strategy is “a great opportunity to build an advertising offer that creates value and align creator incentives and advertisers, “he commented in a thread.

Although tests are only being carried out, Falk has acknowledged that the team working on it seeks to “understand how it works and how it impacts people and the conversations that take place around him “.

In this testing phase, “different frequencies, designs, contextually relevant ads, different insertion points, etc. “and it remains to be determined whether it is intended to permanently change the way advertising content is served.


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