Kun Agüero, in depth: the death of Maradona, the departure of Messi from Barcelona and more

Kun Agüero, in depth: the death of Maradona, the departure of Messi from Barcelona and more
Kun Agüero, in depth: the death of Maradona, the departure of Messi from Barcelona and more

The Argentine forward gave an extensive interview to a Spanish media and gave details of everything he experienced, in addition to his special relationship with Guardiola in Manchester City.

Sergio Aguero is getting closer and closer to debut in Barcelona, where he arrived three months ago but the injuries did not allow him to have activity. And in the preview of the duel against Valencia this Sunday, the forward spoke about everything in an extensive interview with the newspaper El País in Spain: the death of Diego Maradona, the departure of Lionel Messi from Blaugrana and his relationship with Pep Guardiola in Manchester City. The Kun, thoroughly.

Kun Agüero, on how he lived the death of Maradona

“Bad, very bad. How could I live it? I had a Champions League game that day. When I found out, I thought it was a lie, like so many other times. But since I saw that more and more people were saying it, I asked Benjamin’s mother (Gianinna) directly. I even remember what I asked him. ‘Is it true or not? ‘ He answered yes “.

“I was thinking about my son. About what to call him. I was very worried about how he was going to find out the news. When we were able to speak, I already knew from a classmate. Diego and Benja got along very well. Diego was a phenomenon with my son. And Benja loved him. I asked my sister to pick him up at school and try to distract him. The next day he wrote to me: ‘Dad, I want to go see him.’ I did not like the idea. He was afraid that he would be left with a bad memory. But since he wanted to, I let him go. He went to the wake at the Casa Rosada with his mother. He told me that he kissed her and that he started crying. I tried to restrain myself so that my son wouldn’t see me badly. They were very difficult days. At least Benja was able to say goodbye to her grandfather. “

Agüero commented if he ever felt among the best players in the world

“I played for that. At City I did things very well so that the fans and the journalists could value me as one of the best in the world. I know, clearly, that there are others better and I have no problem admitting it. But it was me good. I was at a high level and I won many titles “.

Kun detailed the difference with players like Messi and Cristiano

“It’s football. That talent comes from the factory”, he sentenced. And when asked if Cristiano’s too, he added: “He is more forward than Leo. And what he has, like any scorer, is that when he is with confidence he scores goals, goals and goals”.

“Many times I thought what was missing. And one day I asked Leo. He told me that to have a chance of winning the Ballon d’Or I had to win the Champions League. And he’s right. It is also important the subject of glasses with the selections. Take Cannavaro’s case, for example, when he won the World Cup in 2006. I played great seasons, scored a lot of goals and won a lot of titles, but I wasn’t in the Champions League final. And, precisely, last year when we reached the final, I had a knee problem, covid and different injuries “.

Kun Agüero, on his relationship with Guardiola in Manchester City

“I never had problems with Guardiola. I never argued with him. We did have to clarify things. When he arrived, as we did not know each other, we had a bit of a trial run. The last three years have been fantastic. Nothing to say. He is a coach who always wants the maximum. If you have a party idea in your head, you do it. It does not matter if he has to leave out the team that had scored three goals in the last games. The name of the player does not matter. Unless it’s Messi. I always accepted when I had to play and when not. Gabriel Jesús, as soon as he landed in Manchester, began to play as a starter. I said nothing”.

Sergio Agüero: his arrival in Barcelona and Messi’s departure

At one point, they asked him if he regrets having signed for Barça. His response was forceful: “No. Let’s be honest. What player doesn’t want to be at Barça? I would tell you that the majority of footballers would like to wear this shirt, no matter how good or bad Barça is. I arrived with the expectation of playing with Leo and that a good team would be put together, which was what the club was trying to do. When they called me, I thought, ‘I don’t care what they pay me. I’m doing well and I’m going to help the team as much as I can. ‘

“You can only consider yourself a starter when you do things well and help the team. If not, no. And that’s what I think about. To help the team with a goal every time I have to play. Beyond the changes that happened. , that among them is Leo’s departure. It was a moment of shock. He was very bad. When I found out, I couldn’t believe it. That Saturday I went to see him at his house. And, because of my personality, since I couldn’t see it well, I tried to make him forget what had happened. I saw that he was half off and was trying to distract him. I was telling him about my Esports team and the things we were doing. “

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