Experts ask to delve into temporary aid to companies to curb electricity costs – El Periodico de la Energía

Experts in energy they have asked this Thursday to delve into the temporary aid to companies for curb electricity costs, behind the aid package approved by the Government last September 16 and that will be in force at least until the end of the year.

As the general director of Tempos Energía, Antonio Aceituno, the 96% reduction in power and energy charges will mean a decrease of 3.20% and 8.23%, respectively, in the overall amount of the electricity bill.

Aceituno explained that for an industrial client with a consumption of about 30 Gwh / year, it is about 29,000 euros and 75,000 euros, respectively. To this savings must be added the reduction of the electricity tax, going from 5.1127% to 0.5%, which translates into savings in euros of about 42,000 euros.

Tempos Energía, which manages the electricity bill of large companies in the country such as Aceros Inoxidables Olarra, Normalized Asphalt Derivatives, Geotexan, Distillations Bordas Chinchurreta, Plasbel Plásticos; Harineras Villamayor, Inquiba, Ariño Duglass or Rio Tinto Fruit, among others, stresses the need to make national entrepreneurs aware of the importance of modernizing the energy management of a company.

“In most cases,” added Aceituno, good energy management, both in pool and future markets, can lead a company to improve its annual income statement by more than 50% and reinvest these energy savings in modernizing the plant, training for workers, new products, etc ».

In this sense, he stressed that both SMEs and the self-employed can also achieve this high level of savings at the end of the year. «In Andalusia, where the productive fabric is made up mostly of the self-employed and micro-SMEs, the need to train entrepreneurs in energy markets is more necessary, especially in the possibilities of new aid to face rising prices, as well as that the management of the electrical costs of their businesses are in the hands of expert consultants “, has concluded the general director of Tempos Energía.

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