“I felt like the hue …”: Renata Bravo reveals that Pamela Díaz stopped her cars for “jotear” Jean Philippe Cretton

This Wednesday, Pamela Diaz and Jean Philippe Cretton made a new live broadcast for Juegaenlinea.com, where they spoke with Chiqui Aguayo and Renata Bravo. There, as he was able to verify TimeX, the comedian and participant of “El Discípulo del Chef”, recalled when she felt that the beast stopped her cars for “jotear” her boyfriend.

“I told him that if I put a ‘like’ (on Instagram) without having confidence, without having met him, without any of that, what does that mean”, commented the entertainer of “Backpackers”.

“After he told me that, I felt like the smell … Wrong, because I like him and I comment”, Renata Bravo highlighted. There, Jean Philippe Cretton stressed that they are even written internally.

“Without any intention, on the day of the medlar I’m going to think that Jean Philippe is going to look at me with different eyes, that is, hopefully, but not even in my best dreams”, added the comedian before the face of Pamela Díaz.

“La Pamela tells me that and I felt like Cruella de Vil, I said ‘I’m a scoundrel’, I wanted to delete the messages”, Bravo sentenced.

At the same time, the cheerleader asserted that “I can like someone I know”, discarding in some way that he has bothered with the also actress.

Here you can see the program of Pamela Díaz, Jean Philippe Cretton and Renata Bravo


felt hue Renata Bravo reveals Pamela Díaz stopped cars jotear Jean Philippe Cretton

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