Isabel Cortez on the ‘crossed death’ project: “The idea is to balance the powers”

Isabel Cortez on the ‘crossed death’ project: “The idea is to balance the powers”
Isabel Cortez on the ‘crossed death’ project: “The idea is to balance the powers”

The parliamentarian of Together for Peru, Isabel Cortez, said this Wednesday that she seeks to avoid fights between the Legislative and the Executive with your project of ‘cross death’ law, which raises a constitutional reform so that the dissolution of one of these powers leads to that of the other.

In statements to Nothing is said from RPP News, the congresswoman pointed out that her initiative aims to balance the powers of the State, because in recent years it has been circumstantial to talk about the dissolution of the Congress and the vacancy of Republic President.

“The idea is to balance the powers, because lately it has been seen that they are fighting, they are looking for who cows whom and that creates a whole instability that worries us workers from all sectors, also ordinary citizens” , said Isabel cortez.

“What we are looking for with this law is that they think twice. If Congress vacates the president, then Congress closes or vice versa, “he said.

Attempted vacancy

Isabel cortez He referred to the current situation in the country and said that the vacancy of President Pedro Castillo is currently being sought and that this is reflected in the boycott of his work and that of his ministers. In that sense, he pointed out that the public did not elect the Congress so that I fight with him Executive, but to do a joint work.

“How long are we going to continue in this situation? The losers are the workers and the citizens, “he said.

“The one that is harmed is the country. They have not chosen us to be fighting us, but to work together and prioritize the health of citizens, the education of our children, “he said.

Constitutional change and continuity

The project proposes the modification of article 113 of the Political Constitution of Peru in its numeral 2 regarding the vacancy of the President of the Republic due to moral incapacity, in which it adds:

“In this case, its declaration will lead to the automatic dissolution of Congress and parliamentary elections must be called. In the case of the vacancy of the last vice president, general elections will be called in accordance with the provisions of article 134 ”.

In this regard, the legislator explained that if this rule is applied, after eventual approval, those who would remain would be the vice president, who assumed the Presidency of the Republic and the members of the Standing Commission. They would be in charge of calling new general elections and, after the process was concluded, they would hand over the powers.

“In this way, there would be continuity and, once all those elections have been made, the president would be delivering and transferring all the work that he has done up to that moment for them to continue, that is the dynamic,” he added. .

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