Protest in Dos Bocas leaves three detainees; deny conflict with Pemex

Protest in Dos Bocas leaves three detainees; deny conflict with Pemex
Protest in Dos Bocas leaves three detainees; deny conflict with Pemex

The Secretary of Energy, Rocío Nahle, minimized the attacks against the workers of the Dos Bocas refinery, Tabasco, and assured that there are no injured employees and “nothing seriously.”

The official stated that three people were arrested and that the protest is led by union leaders, who dispute ownership of the contract with the ICA Fluor company, as President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said this morning.

Rocío Nahle denied that the strike is due to lack of overtime pay since when they double shift, the companies pay them.

Lee: They throw tear gas and attack workers from Dos Bocas; there are five injured

“There are 10 people who are with this and we are not going to allow there to be a disorder, we are not going to allow a small group with a particular intention or of private benefit affects a work so important that it is employing more than 100,000 people, directly or indirectly in the country, and it is a work that is going quite well ”.

There are three people who are already detained, ICA Fluor made the complaint and it is the entire balance, the official told the media.

-Are there any injured? He was questioned.

– “No”, replied Nahle.

Then a reporter told him that there were images, to which he replied: Yes, no, no, they were … well, part of the workers, I have not identified these three people, they had injuries there, but nothing serious, “he said.

However, the Tabasco Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that so far three injuries have been reported, one of them seriously.

Rocío Nahle said that the confrontation occurred with the Tabasco state police, which prevented the protesters from entering the works area after initiating an “agitation” and throwing stones.

Lee: ICA workers initiate strike at Dos Bocas refinery; demand better working conditions

Meanwhile, the spokesman for the Presidency, Jesús Ramírez Cuevas, said that the conflict is a union dispute and not with Pemex.

“We do not want violence, we respect labor rights, the workers of Dos Bocas, all receive the best possible working conditions, decent wages, benefits, and that is the obligation that all companies that work in government works have. It is an internal matter of ICA Fluor ”, he responded when questioned by journalists.

ICA ignores protesters

The construction company ICA Fluor pointed out that unidentified or recognized people, and outside the collective bargaining agreement, organized the protests in Dos Bocas.

“Security elements of the National Guard and the Secretary of the Navy guard the federal facilities to protect workers from the protests and provocations that have arisen, organized by people not identified or recognized in the collective bargaining agreement with the company ”, he pointed out.

In a brief statement, ICA assures that it complies with all the employer, salary, social, physical and integral security obligations of its personnel, as well as with all the legal benefits as agreed with the union representation.

The company did not say anything about the injured or about any complaint filed.

Workers of the ICA Flour company who are in charge of the construction of the Dos Boca refinery, and who are protesting for the second day for better working conditions, were attacked this Wednesday by security elements.

According to information from The Herald of TabascoFederal elements that were guarding the refinery facilities began to launch tear gas against the workers of the company that are keeping the facilities taken.

Local media have disseminated on social networks images of how some workers were injured in legs, ribs and neck; some also have rubber bullet wounds.

Last February, ICA Flour workers had already made a strike due to the same situation.

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