Banks commissions 2021. This they charge you for withdrawing cash

Karen Guzmán

Mexico City / 13.10.2021 15:02:43

You need money? Well, you should know what to withdraw from a ATM that does not belong to the issuing bank of your card It can have a commission of up to 40 pesos, according to the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef) and data taken from Banco de México (Banxico).

Here we tell you what is the commission charged by each bank:

  • BMultivation: 40.00 pesos
  • Bansi: 35.00 pesos
  • HSBC: 30.90 pesos

  • Santander: 30 pesos
  • Scotiabank, Banorte and Afirme, 30.00 pesos
  • BBVA, 29.50 pesos
  • Banamex: 26.50 pesos

  • Azteca Bank: 25.86 pesos
  • Banregio and CIBanco: 25.00 pesos
  • Mifel Bank: 23.00 pesos
  • BanBanjio, Mi Banco and Bancrea: 20.00 pesos
  • Banjercito: 16.00 pesos
  • BanCoppel: 15.52 pesos

  • Inbursa: 15.00 pesos
  • ABC Capital: 12.93 pesos
  • Welfare Bank: 10 pesos

According to the Condusef, It’s important pointing that The amount of commissions that banking institutions apply for the use of their ATMs depends to a large extent on the location and the business line of the place where they are installed.

That is, the ATMs that are in supermarkets, cshopping malls, airports, bus terminals, convenience stores, pharmacies and gas stations, generally charge a higher commission than those installed in bank branches.

The Condusef He recommended that users program the necessary cash before making a withdrawal, in addition to verifying that there are no foreign or foreign elements installed in the card reader slot. Cover the keyboard with your hand when you go to type your PIN.



Banks commissions charge withdrawing cash

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