Pedro Castillo on the Minister of Education, Carlos Gallardo: Get a closer look at the concern of the NNDC teachers | POLITICS

The president of the Republic, Pedro Castillo, referred to the Minister of Education, Carlos Gallardo, during his visit to Ucayali, this Tuesday 12, and stressed that “he knows closely the concern of the teachers ”.

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Today I am going to transfer the concern of the Curimaná school to the Minister of Education, he is an old teacher who knows closely the concern of the teachers and much more today that we are in that campus, not only its infrastructure is necessary, but also what we are going to continue teaching from now on (…) that our children go out learning even to put a button, they learn to be productive”, Expressed Castillo.


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In addition, the head of state stressed that his administration will promote the development of the nation, but “without stealing a penny from the town”. The Executive delegation that arrived in the Curimaná district, in Ucayali, was also made up of the ministers Víctor Raúl Mayta (Agriculture), Geiner Alvarado (Housing), Eduardo Gonzáles (Energy and Mines) and Juan Silva Villegas (Transportation).

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We have made many speeches. Speech to be mayors, to be congressmen, to be ministers, to be regional governors, there are plenty of speeches, for everything, but speech does not fill your stomach, speech does not educate you, speech does not keep you healthy. Let’s start working and that is why we are here. We have come to promote development together with the people, but without stealing a penny from the people, the country and the communities”.

Along these lines, Castillo Terrones asked local and regional authorities to invest their budgets together with the population to ensure that public resources are effectively used to improve schools, health centers and irrigation works.

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We are going to see how, through the Ministry of Transport and Communications, a follow-up is carried out, whoever falls, on the thefts that are made in some works, we must put them in front and sanction them because the money belongs to the people and the authorities they are elected by the people. This road must be executed by investing the money entirely in the work”, He pointed out.

How is it possible that a town that is surrounded by a river does not have gas, does not have water, does not have sewage services, it is urgent, we have to prioritize that: health, education, agriculture“, Held.

At another point, the president addressed the congressmen representing the Ucayali region, who are serving their week of representation, and urged them to be on the side of the population, but without quarreling with the authorities or making baseless accusations.

Be careful, we are no longer going to allow that if I have any quarrel with the mayor, with the governor, with the minister, with the congressman, with the government, I will accuse by accusing. There is also responsibility. It is not just doing things because we have been through false accusations many times ”, Indian. manifested.

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