Journalist is severely beaten, insulted and whipped by a patrol in Puno web eye | PRESENT

Updated 10/13/2021 08:57 pm

Terrible! Marleny Paredes Charca, a journalist for the “El Target” portal, was beaten, insulted and even whipped by the head of ronderos, César Mamani Pacompia, when he was trying to cover a meeting of leaders of the Uros Chulluni community, in the Puno region.

Faced with this terrible fact, the National Association of Journalists (ANP) reported that initially the press was prohibited from recording the meeting and that the interviews would be at the end, so Paredes Charca chose to wait in an area of ​​the community , but the chief of the ronderos rebuked her for being in that place.

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Given this, the journalist tried to explain that she was accredited to stay on the site, however, Mamani began to insult her and indicate that he was the authority and that this was his area. “I’ll tear you apart and nothing happens!” said the patrolman.

Faced with the refusal to withdraw, the patrolman hit her hard on the chest and lashed her with his whip. It should be noted that all this violent act took place in the presence of the population and the mayor, Hugo Coyla Durand, who chose to withdraw without preventing the attack.


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Journalist severely beaten insulted whipped patrol Puno web eye PRESENT

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