“The tie is not lost”

Honduras remained in the basement of the classification in the Octagonal after the defeat at home against Jamaica

HONDURAS – The ‘H’ obtained an adverse result in this sixth round of the Concacaf Octagonal when they fell 0-2 against Jamaica at the Metropolitan Olympic Stadium, for which they went to the last place in the classification with only three points.

Faced with the defeat at home, the catracha fans expressed their disagreement with the coach Fabián Coito by shouting constantly: Out with intercourse! Out with intercourse! At the end of the commitment, the Uruguayan coach gave his impressions of the commitment:

The game generated us feelings of unease about what we expected and what happened. I think nervousness and the need to win got the better of us. We got close to the area, but we did not make and miss a huge number of passes. They find a goal that makes us nervous and we don’t find the necessary clarity to turn the score around. The second goal was lapidary and made the game impossible to overcome”.

When asked about the position that Honduras occupies below Jamaica, Coito indicated that the tie is not yet lost. “In no way is the tie lost for Honduras. I am not going to talk about responsibilities because at this moment desperation and nervousness prevail, it is not the time to point out mistakes, actions and attitudes that happened. As a coach I am responsible and I will not hold footballers responsible for the sporting result”.

I’m not going to talk about the future, only about the Jamaica game”, Said the helmsman when questioning whether he had submitted his resignation immediately.

“It is very difficult to find an explanation for the moment the national team goes through. I repeat that the tie is not lost, but it is very difficult. At this moment we all have a very great feeling of unease, but this is football and we have to continue like this. The footballers have to raise their heads and continue to support them because they are the representatives of the national team regardless of adverse sporting results ”, he responded to the current moment that the Central American team is going through.

Finally, he referred to the annoyance that exists in the Honduran public: “It is the immediate response for fans to an adverse sporting result. I understand the uneasiness and anger, that I also have it, they are sports results”.

For the next FIFA date in November, Honduras will be facing Panama and Costa Rica.


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