María Eugenia Vidal requested the resignation of Aníbal Fernández at the beginning of the A Dos Voces debate

In the framework of the debate of the candidates for deputies for the Buenos aires city in the studies of The one of you, by the screen of TN. Maria Eugenia Vidal (Together for Change) took advantage of his minute of presentation and sent a message to Alberto Fernandez. “I first want to propose to everyone that we accompany a proposal that is to ask the President to ask the resignation of Aníbal Fernández (Minister of National Security), what happened was unacceptable, it crossed a limit.”

In addition to the former Buenos Aires governor, Leandro Santoro participates in the debate for the legislative elections to be held in November (Front of All), Javier Milei (Freedom Advances) and Myriam Bregman (FIT).

What María Eugenia Vidal said in her first participation in the A Dos Voces debate

During the first minute of the presentation, where each candidate argued why they should receive the support of the voters, the Juntos por el Cambio candidate stated: “I first want to propose to everyone that we accompany a proposal, which is ask the President to ask Aníbal Fernández to resign, what happened was unacceptable, it crossed a limit ”.

In this sense, Vidal assured that these elections “are not about me, I am not here to talk about me. This is about how we get out of this never-ending crisis, how we stand up and find a way out. How we do so that our children do not leave forever and so that they have a chance ”.

As he explained, the result of the ballot boxes revealed the request to “build a majority in congress that would say enough to the government, and return to the basics: people working, children in school learning, criminals imprisoned and decent politicians ”.

“If we build that majority, that is our strength and our limit, that It is built with courage so that what needs to be changed has to be changed, but without screaming, raised fingers and no show”, He concluded.

How is the routine of the CABA candidate debate

The candidates have an assigned position within the studio and everything starts with one minute of presentation and free presentation each. The lecterns that the candidates will occupy were organized through a raffle in which representatives from each space were present. From left to right, they will look like this: Leandro Santoro, Miriam Bregman, Javier Milei and María Eugenia Vidal.

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