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We must take care of the environment into account at all times even when it comes to buying our clothes. In Peru, the sustainable fashion sector is not significant, fast fashion has led to more garments being kept in wardrobes and, once used, they remain stored most of the time. In addition, clothing is thrown away faster than it was 20 years ago.

For this reason, the renowned clothing brand Levi ‘s offers solutions to give a second life and make the garments that are kept in the closets sustainable. In addition, we can unleash our creativity to obtain a unique garment.

The customization that Levi’s promotes is based on the pillar of the brand’s sustainability, giving garments more life to wear them for longer. From a better purchase decision, taking into account slow fashion to save natural resources, to customization for a longer use of the garment. In addition, through personalization you can express yourself and make your look unique”, sostiene Carla Ossio, Branding Marketing Manager Andes de Levi’s.

Through personalization you can express yourself and make your look unique, ”says Levi’s brand representative, Carla Ossio. (Photo: Levi´s)

How can I customize them and give them a second chance?

  1. Learn embroidery: Renew the look of your jeans and develop your manual skills by learning to embroider. Nowadays there is no skill that you cannot learn through a YouTube tutorial, so find the design that best reflects your personality and embroider it on your jean. You will have a jean with a new look, as well as a new skill.
  2. Cut or tear them down: One way to make your look look cooler and more urban is definitely adding a garment that makes it look like you fixed yourself, but “effortlessly.” Give this “sloppy” wave to your jean by cutting or wearing it off. The scuffs will make it look more casual and relaxed, while the cuts will achieve the detail of the dangling threads that will make the garment have more personality.
  3. Use patches and pins: This tip works for the oldest jeans in our closet. The patches can cover the gaps or wear of our garment in a more original and cool way. In addition, both patches and pins are a way to express our personality through details in clothing.

Nothing stands out more than a unique, original garment without copies. Levi’s and its commitment to sustainability, the main pillar of the brand, offers us an alternative with its Levi’s Tailor Shop, where you can find thematic patches every weekend. People will be able to personalize their garments with the patches at Levi’s stores in San Miguel, Salaverry, Miraflores, Jockey Plaza and MegaPlaza until November 14. For more updates on the Levi’s Tailor Shop you can go to @levis_pe.


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Fashion Customize clothes give chance nndc MISCELLANY

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