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The alarms go off! Vanessa Lopez did not remain silent and attacked Carlos ‘Tomate’ Barraza, who assured that he has not gone to visit his daughter due to an emergency operation to which he had to undergo.

“If I hadn’t met this person 10 years ago or hadn’t been with him, even I would have believed him. I know that many of you say: poor thing is operating, how are you going to tell him to go see his daughter like this. A gynecomastia operation, rest is 3 to 4 days maximum ”, began by saying the influencer through her account Instagram.

“I have been claiming that he has not come to see Emiliana since September 20 or 21, it is almost three weeks. You have to wait for an audience so that you come to see your daughter, when I have never forbidden you to come or that you take Emiliana to sleep at your house ”, she added quite angrily.

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However, everything did not stop there, since the model questioned the singer’s statements, who commented that he cannot take care of himself, so his ‘nanny’ has been helping him while he is in poor health.

“I do not understand how you can go out in a girdle saying that you are in recovery, when yesterday you were shopping with your daughter. You say you have a nanny at 45 years old, aren’t you ashamed to say that? If you have someone to help you, then you can come pick up your daughter and have them help you take care of her ”, express.

“Gynecomastia is nothing compared to the change of implants or nose operation that I have had, but I have also treated my daughter on the days that it corresponds to me to be with her. What happens is that you know that the days that you take her away, I have to go see my business and my things, but since you are selfish, you just don’t feel like picking up your daughter, because you think that way you bother me ”, she said indignantly.

Finally, Vanessa Lopez was encouraged to compare the scandal that has been starring Josemar Fidel, with the role of father who assumes Carlos Barraza. “This guy is really worse than Josimar, If you only knew, the truth does not surprise me at all. He is able to tell his doctor to give him medical rest for 20 days in order to justify with the judge “, ended.


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