Can deleted messages be recovered on WhatsApp?

Can deleted messages be recovered on WhatsApp?
Can deleted messages be recovered on WhatsApp?

It is the most used messaging application in the world. A fundamental tool for millions of people. Not only for the fact that it allows us to quickly communicate with others, but now also to work. Who are we talking about? From WhatsApp.

And although it is the app by preference and from time to time we can enjoy new updates that bring surprises, there are certain things that escape us. Those tricks unknown to most but that can be very useful at any given time: avoid appearing online, listen to an audio message without anyone knowing or recover deleted conversations.

Is the latter possible? Believe it or not, yes. It can. We can’t make the messages reappear in the conversation, but there is a way to reread it: through the cloud storage service.

Depending on the device you use, Apple or Android, the steps to follow are different. Check here how to re-read messages deleted in the past:


As the company informs, “the history of your WhatsApp messages is not stored on our servers. We cannot recover the messages that you have deleted or lost for you.” But if you have a iPhone, the situation changes: you can create a copy of the chats in iCloud and then restore them.

How to recover WhatsApp messages on iOS step by step

1. To create a copy go to WhatsApp / Settings / Chats / Chats backup / Backup now.

2. You can also choose a time for the copies to be made automatically with the option ‘Automatic copy’.

3. The backup is stored in your iCloud account, and include your conversations and multimedia files. However, if you want to avoid taking up space on your device, the latter can be excluded.

4. Be patient. The process to back up your messages it may take a while, depending on the size of the copy.

5. To recover your message history from an iCloud backup, verify that a backup exists in iCloud. If it exists, delete and download WhatsApp again from the App Store.


With Android the process is different: it must uninstall the app and then download it again. Your WhatsApp conversations are saved daily and automatically every 24 hours in a folder inside the phone and, also, you have the option to save your chats in Google Drive.

How to recover WhatsApp messages on Android step by step

1. To save a backup of your conversations, go to WhatsApp / Menu button / Settings / Chats / Backup / Save.

2. You can also export a copy of the history of an individual or group chat, using the function ‘Send chat by mail’. Open the conversation in question, press the menu button and select the menu to be able to attach the file.

3. Finally, you can uninstall the app to download it again.

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