Vladimir Cerrón calls an extraordinary meeting in Peru Libre by referendum for the constituent assembly this Wednesday the 13th Constituent Assembly nndc | POLITICS

The match Free Peru will have an extraordinary meeting this Wednesday, October 13 from 7:00 pm, where there will be an analysis of the current political situation and the referendum for a constituent Assembly.

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As reported by the party’s general secretary, Vladimir CerrónThe National Executive Council (CEN) and the regional general secretaries will also participate in the meeting on their Facebook account.

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As it is recalled, days ago the new president of the Council of Ministers, Mirtha Vásquez, said that the proposal of a constituent Assembly.

Call for a meeting in Peru Libre published by Vladimir Cerrón. (Photo: Facebook)

“For that, it is necessary to generate a process that lawyers put a name on, the constituent moment, that the population feels the need to move towards a total or partial reform of the Constitution. Those conditions are part of long processes. This Government is not raising it and it is not going to raise it from today to tomorrow “, he pointed out on TV Peru.

A few weeks ago the bank of Free Peru, at the initiative of Congressman Wilson Rusbel Quispe Mamani, presented a bill that calls for a referendum to change the 1993 Political Constitution.

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According to legislative initiative 274/2021-CR, it is proposed to incorporate a Fourth Special Transitory Provision in the Magna Carta, which will be in the following terms:

“The President of the Republic must call a constitutional referendum where citizens respond to the following question: Should a Constituent Assembly be called to draft a new Constitution? With the following options to answer Yes or No “.

It also indicates that if the Yes option wins, the President of the Republic must call elections to elect the members of the Constituent Assembly when the 2022 regional and municipal elections are held.

According to the criteria of

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