Esteban Mosquera’s aunt partner would be behind his murder

13 Oct 2021 – 11:06 p. m.

He is Carlos Alberto Moncayo Cabrera, who has already been captured and sent to jail while the investigation against him continues. According to the investigation, Moncayo is the partner of one of Mosquera’s aunts, a young student at the University of Cauca who was shot and killed last August.

Esteban Mosquera Iglesias, a student leader from Popayán, was assassinated on August 23 and his crime aroused the indignation of students and the educational community of Cauca because the young man was known for fighting against violence and the use of weapons by the Mobile Anti-riot Squad , Esmad. The Prosecutor’s Office captured the sentimental partner of one of his aunts, who would have been the person who contacted those who planned and hired the hit men.

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This is Carlos Alberto Moncayo Cabrera, 49, who was sent to jail while the investigations against him are being carried out for the crimes of aggravated homicide and manufacturing, trafficking, carrying or possession of firearms, accessories, parts or ammunition. . Moncayo did not accept the charges brought against him by the Prosecutor’s Office, after being captured on a soccer field in Popayán on October 12.

At just 26 years old, the Music student at the University of Cauca led movements in defense of public education and, above all, against violence and the excessive use of force by the State for several years. A task that he undertook after he lost an eye on December 13, 2018 after being hit with a tear gas projectile launched by Esmad during a mobilization in the capital of Cauca.

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Regarding the altercation that cost him an eye, Mosquera said: “That day we learned that there was some agitation in engineering. I like to take photos of those moments, and they had already attacked me on previous occasions. This time it happened we were at the entrance of the university residences. I was trying to cover myself from the gases and I run to go to the university goal. At that moment I saw Esmad at the gate of the university to enter and when I least think, I felt a blow to the left eye and fell to the ground. At that moment I crawled because I feel them behind. The people who were there helped me and took me to the emergency room ”.

Investigations into the murder of Mosquera have already captured others. According to the Prosecutor’s Office, they have already been sent to jail and formally linked to the investigation Edgar Alexánder Méndez, alias Chicken and Micheline Vásquez Murillo, whom Moncayo would have contacted to organize the murder

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