Hard bread and bankrupt circus: this will be the next National Baseball Series in Cuba

Hard bread and bankrupt circus: this will be the next National Baseball Series in Cuba
Hard bread and bankrupt circus: this will be the next National Baseball Series in Cuba

After the scandals over the leaks of half of the Cuban players in the World Cup of baseball for under 23 years and just over a month after entering the Junior Pan American Games with a renewed team of the same category, the president of the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER), Osvaldo Vento, assured that On January 22, the baseball campaign will begin on the island.

“Next November the provincial preselections of each territory should be concentrated to begin training prior to the start of the National Baseball Series”, said the manager in Guantánamo, during a tour that the top leaders of that entity carry out through various territories.

The announcement was well received by the baseball fans, eager for their “bread and circuses” in the midst of the chaotic economic situation in Cuba. and under the threat of a social outbreak at any time, as happened on July 11.

Precisely those popular demonstrations, something unusual in more than 60 years of communist revolution, moved the foundations of a government that since then has had no choice but to put its hand in the coffers to try to give an image of concern for the social problems of its citizens, but fearful of further disturbances.

Thus, the largest and most expensive sporting event in the country will start its actions under the command of a new national commissioner who has sworn “continuity”, but who begins to exercise his position with a sword of Damocles over his head: the challenge that implies that baseball is proclaimed Cultural Heritage of the nation on October 19.

For quite some time, Cuba has functioned as a primitive village and baseball has not been left out of this impact.

In the absence of economic planning, because it is daily that the raw materials, resources and all the supplies that a country needs to function decently appear, the Cuban “hunters” and “gatherers” leave in the morning without guarantees that at the end of the day they will have food on the table.

Thus the quality and normal operation of the next National Series is unknown. Players know it and that is one of the many reasons why they prefer to try their luck in other lands or are requesting the removal of their teams, as has been happening in recent days.

The number of young people who will have to burn stages to assume decisive roles in their teams, the lack of motivation due to low salaries, poor nutrition, daytime games, long trips on destroyed roads and thousands of other problems that have always existed, But now they are growing, without a doubt they will shake the championship that is to come and will continue to sink the national sport in the mud.

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