Video: Ensign was attacked with a helmet, kicks and fists in the center of Bucaramanga

For 26 years, Gilberto Neira has worked as a Bucaramanga Traffic agent, a job that has earned him many attacks, including the one that occurred on Wednesday morning when he was working against informal transport.

It happened around 11:45 a.m. on the 18th avenue between 33rd and 34th streets in the city center where two men, who claimed to be the drivers of a motorcycle that had just been immobilized, attacked him with helmets, fists and kicks.

“We were doing informal transport clearance, we cleared 33rd Street from 15th to 18th avenue, then we went onto 18th to clear, there were like 4 or 5 motorcycles parked on the left side. We made two appearances. While they were arriving, I asked for the tow truck, but the drivers arrived one by one, ”said Neira.

While the lieutenant was carrying out the documentation procedures, he says, “a man arrived and said he was the driver of the motorcycle, I told him to present the documents to me. After a local, a guy came out to brave, to say that the motorcycle belonged to him, that he was taking the motorcycle. When I saw this I went through him, I asked him for the documents and he gave them to me ”.

According to the agent, moments later a woman, apparently a partner of one of the drivers, arrived to “cause trouble.”

“He came to yell at us, I told him, ma’am, he’s coming to fix or complicate things, I asked him to stay away.”

In that swing of words, says the agent, one of the drivers ran to the woman and began to hit him, “he jumped at me and hit me on the head, the camera knocked me over, then the other man who claimed to be the driver of The motorcycle grabbed me from behind, I fell to the ground and there they gave me a leg, a fist, a helmet, everything, as the helmet came off they hit me on the forehead and my head on the ground ”.

The blows gave Neira a head trauma, which is why he was taken to the La Riviera Clinic where a doctor assessed him and he was already discharged.

Faced with the aggression, the agent will file the complaint.

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