the most expensive countries to study online

the most expensive countries to study online
the most expensive countries to study online
Denmark, the country with the best online education, offers the most expensive classes.

• Brazil surpasses Spain in e-learning, with broadband Internet connections and more affordable online classes.

• The percentage that the Spanish government invests in higher education is among the lowest in the study.

Denmark has the best conditions to study online, although at the same time, it is the country with the most expensive online classes. In Norway, the average monthly cost of a broadband Internet connection is the highest. In Brazil they invest 33% of GDP per capita in higher education, while in Spain only 21.8%. These and other data are part of the second edition of a study published by Preply, the online learning platform, which analyzes the conditions for successful e-learning and digital education in 32 countries around the world.

The country with the best online education offers the most expensive classes
Denmark, the country with the best conditions to study online, is also the most expensive: on average, students pay € 28 per hour. Switzerland is the second most expensive country, with € 27, followed by Luxembourg, where each class hour reaches € 25.

On the contrary, in Turkey, the most affordable country of those analyzed in the study, digital education can be accessed for an average of € 2 / hour. In Russia and Mexico this figure rises to € 3, slightly less than in Brazil, where students pay an average of € 4 per hour. In Spain, on average, online classes cost € 12 per hour.

Monthly cost of a broadband Internet connection
In Norway, the average monthly price for broadband Internet access is € 66, the highest of all the countries in the study. The podium is completed by Canada and Switzerland, with € 63 and € 58 respectively.

Hungary, which ranks third among the countries with the best conditions for digital education, has the cheapest broadband Internet connection in the study: the average price is just € 13 per month. Internet access is also very affordable in Poland, € 14 / month, and in Slovakia, € 16 / month.

In Spain the average price of a broadband Internet connection is € 36, more than in Germany (€ 34), Italy and France (both € 27).

Kirill Bigai, the CEO of Preply manifests: “Since we first published the index of e-learning In 2020, we have closely followed the development of infrastructure in digital education in the countries studied. A year later, it was time to analyze the current state of the world and document how they have evolved ”, Kirill Bigai adds,

“The demand for digital educational offerings continues to be enormous. At the beginning of 2020, Preply had approx. with two million hours of tutoring and with 10,000 teachers. One year later, we offer 10 million hours of classes and around 40,000 teachers from more than 190 countries ”.

About Preply
Preply is an online learning platform that connects thousands of active students with verified tutors in more than 50 languages ​​on its global network. Through an automatic algorithm, students and teachers are linked. Tutors create custom plans to fit the student’s budget, schedule, and current knowledge. Students of more than 150 nationalities have taken more than 10 million classes with teachers located in 190 countries. Preply was created in Ukraine in 2013 by Kirill Bigai, Dmytro Voloshyn and Serge Lukyanov, its co-founders. The company has raised more than $ 15 million and has more than 180 employees of more than 25 nationalities, working from its offices in Kiev and Barcelona.

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