God Level Grand Slam 2021 LIVE: schedule, participants and where to watch the freestyle competition with Peru, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia and Spain | Freestyle

One of the most anticipated freestyle events of the year, the God Level Grand Slam 2021, will finally take place, after being postponed by sanitary measures, and will begin this October 12 with its first day, where the delegations from Peru will participate, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Spain and Venezuela / Colombia. The Peruvian team will be made up of Nekroos, Jaaze, Jota and Maricielo, who are already on Mexican soil.

Live: God Level Grand Slam: follow the minute by minute of the battles

Theorem wins the first round against Klan

Theorem returns renewed and prevails against Klan. Now in the battle of 2 vs. 2 is between Mecha and Saga vs. Nitro and KMC.
Argentina still keeps its strong file for the battle of 3 vs. 3 and people are looking forward to seeing Stuart on stage.

The second confrontation between Argentina and Chile begins

The first battle in 1 vs. 1 will be between Theorem and Klan. The Chilean champion has been without activity in freestyle for some time, so this tournament will be his return to the big stages.

The battle of 3 vs. 3 it is taken by team Spain

The jury decided to give the last battle to the Spain team formed in that round by Chuty, Gazir and Skone. Thus ends the confrontation between the Spanish delegation and the tricolor team.

The Tricolor team defeats Spain in 2 vs. 2

Marithea and Letras prevailed against Chuty and Sara Socas, who could not against the attack that the Colombian gave. The final part of the match is coming with the 3 vs. 3. For Spain they go Chuty, Skone and Gazir and for the Tricolor Letras, Lancer and VallesT.

Marithea and Letras vs. Chuty and Sara Socas: the second battle of Spain vs. Tricolor

The Tricolor team will seek to reverse the previous result with Marithea and Letras, but it will not be difficult when they collide with Chuty and Sara Socas.

Gazir and VallesT leave a battalion, but the Asturian takes the victory

At a never-before-seen crossover, Gazir and VallesT left everything on stage, which was turned on in the 4X4. Finally, the jury decided to give the Asturian victory. Now the battles of 2 vs. 2

Spain vs. Tricolor: start the first battle

The first team crossing is between Spain and Tricolor. Representative to the Spanish comes Gazir and the Venezuelan / Colombian delegation VallesT.

Teams make their presentation tickets to the Mexican public

The delegations of each country have made their presentations to the audience. We have Misioner as host who rejoins the events after a long time and DJ Sonicko on the decks.

Event is delayed due to connection drop

The God Level Grand Slam begins with problems. Although the event was scheduled to start at 5:00 pm (Peruvian time), it suffered a delay due to connection problems

For the initial date of the God Level Grand Slam the crosses will be as follows: Mexico vs. Peru, Argentina vs. chili and Spain vs. Venezuela / Colombia. Our compatriots will have a tough confrontation against the local team made up of Aczino, Rapder, Lobo Estepario and Karey.

Here we explain everything you need to know to enjoy the first day of the event, where we will once again see freestylers of the stature of Chuty, Skone, Stuart and Valles-T compete in an international tournament.

The event will be broadcast through the YouTube account of Red Bull Batalla de Los Gallos this Tuesday, October 12. In addition, you can also see it from its Facebook page.

If you do not want to miss anything of the event, we show you below the start date, according to your country of residence:

The teams were made up of the nationality of the participants except for the Tricolor delegation, which will have exponents from Colombia and Venezuela.

The international event will be held on five dates and at different venues. The first will start on October 12 and the last on October 24.

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