She is the Mexican actress who appears in The Squid Game

The new one serie de Netflix, The Squid Game It has become extremely popular on social networks, it is practically the series that is most talked about on social networks.

Today we are telling you about Carla Fernanda Ávila, the only Mexican actress to appear in the famous Korean program and that you may have overlooked when watching the series.

The Serie The Squid Game It has become the most watched series worldwide within the streaming platform, and therefore it has become a worldwide success and a popularity phenomenon.

Just because it is a Korean program, most of the actors are of Asian origin, among the few additions that are not is a Mexican actress.

Her name is Carla Fernanda Ávila, she is an actress originally from Guadalajara who since 2017 went to live in Seoul, in South Korea, where she has had some appearances on television and in cinema. For this reason, he was able to have access to a brief appearance in the fashion series.

(Photo: @ carlafer_avila / Instagram)

At the beginning Carla Fernanda Ávila did not want to give many details about her participation in The Squid Game, due to the fact that it was a brief appearance, in addition to that she had had problems with the agency that had hired her.

Carla Fernanda Ávila, the only Mexican in The Squid Game, appears in the series as a living sculpture that is covered in body painting, resembling a living sculpture of a “human jaguar”, in the scene in which all the VIP members are presented.

If you remember the scene, Carla can be seen briefly behind the VIPs.

(Photo: @ carlafer_avila / Instagram)

The Mexican said that while she was covered by the leopard paint, she had to stand still for several hours, and the paint fell off easily, so it had to be touched up several times.

Photo: Carla Fernanda Ávila / social networks

But not everything was bad, as he described his brief passage through the series on his official account on Instagram:

“It was a great experience and I would consider doing it again. On set I met some of my friends, it’s always nice to work with people you know and get along with. Thanks to this filming, I also got to meet Ha-Jun Wi (the policeman of the series). And before everyone asks me: Yes! He’s really handsome in real life. “

In order to participate in Korean movies and series, she lost more than 10 kilos and had to study Korean for 9 months to get more job opportunities.

In addition to this series, Carla has participated in Korean series The Beauty Inside (2018), Record of Youth (2020), and the Korean movie Space Sweepers (2021).

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