Mavys Álvarez answered whether or not her children are from Diego Maradona

Mavys Álvarez answered whether or not her children are from Diego Maradona
Mavys Álvarez answered whether or not her children are from Diego Maradona

“I wanted to have children with him”, admitted Mavys alvarez, the Cuban who was with Diego Maradona when he was a minor, in the fourth and last installment of the interview that he gave exclusively for America Tevé, channel 41 in Miami, after being silent for twenty years.

Recalling those years of debauchery, she declared: “Me I was leaving the drugs by myself before ending the relationship (with Diego). It was tough, but it helped me a lot that he traveled. Every time he traveled, spent time outside of Cuba, it was a time when I was clean. He did not go out looking for any other place. But I took a lot of refuge in alcohol. So when I wasn’t getting high, I was drinking. It was very difficult for my whole family“.

In reference to the way in which his bond with Maradona was severed, Mavys Álvarez said: “In 2005 he traveled. I don’t remember where he went on a trip and months went by when he didn’t call me, didn’t answer a call or anything.”

However, Diego tried to return to his life: “He called me one day at three in the morning and I had just found out that I was pregnant”Mavys recalled, distraught.

And he added: “He told me: ‘Hello, Mavys’. And I said to him: Yes, tell me. I always said to him’ Hello, baby, how are you? Hello my life.” ‘Hello, Mavys, this is Diego,’ ‘he replied. “Yes, I know, what do you want?” I said. There he was speechless and I cut off the phone ‘“.

The theme of children

“Did you ever think about having children with Maradona, that this relationship was going to have a future?”, the journalist from America Tevé, Channel 41 in Miami, wanted to know.

Mavys’ response was blunt: “In my illusion, yes. Yes, I thought about it. I even took pregnancy testsBecause my period was late, I think, perhaps, because of the same drugs. In my mind, at the time, I was not okay. “

“Did he want to have children with you?”, inquired Pentón. “He wanted to. From what he told me, he wanted to.” Then, without hesitation, the interviewer asked: “Are not your children Maradona’s children?”. Mavys Álvarez’s answer was conclusive: “No.”

Death and money

“Did he leave you money?” They asked Mavys Álvarez in reference to Diego Maradona. “No, he never left me anything. Nothing.”.

“Did you think of suing his family for his estate?” The driver continued. And she replied: “I thought maybe I had left something… I don’t know why I had this little illusion in my mind that after so much damage that he did me, he would have thought of me at some point … “.

“What did you feel when Diego Armando Maradona died?”It hurt me. We go through a lot of things, a lot of debauchery … But, yeah, I felt it, “Mavys said.

And I add: “I have mixed feelings: Thanks to him, I knew things that I would not have been able to know, but I also experienced things in my life that affected me and continue to affect me “.

“It affected my nerves”

When she started talking about the consequences left by that relationship with Diego, she said: “It affected my nerves a lot. It affected me (the fact that) I left one addiction and fell into another. I was in alcoholism for a while, to be able to free myself from drugs. It was very difficult, it was very hard. “

At that point in the story, Mavys burst into tears and recounted: “I was worried that my oldest daughter might have a problem”.

When asked to give a message to “16-year-old Cuban girls who can find a Maradona on their way,” Mavys Álvarez replied: “Let them think about it a thousand. They can live beautiful moments, but it is very hard if something happens to them. like what I lived. I felt good at certain times, but after I met drugs, everything changed in my life and nothing was for the best.

Drug hell

In the three previous segments of the note that was presented in installments, Mavys Álvarez He recounted shocking situations that he lived with Maradona when she was just 16 years old. “I am ashamed to have lived this“, he assured.

I feel sorry for myself knowing that I was 16 years old and I was part of all that. But it was one more experience that I had in life. I think that, in a way, we don’t choose what we have to live and we are just part of it, “Mavys added.

She also spoke of the hell the drug led her to. She He started using cocaine at the age of 16, while he was in Cuba with Diego Maradona. As detailed, “at the beginning”, the Ten advised him not to try that substance: “He said that if he touched, it would kill me.”

Cuban Mavys Álvarez broke when she told America Tevé, from Miami, how she got into drugs when she was with Diego Maradona. Capture TV.

“But after a while, it was like he felt lonely, he didn’t like doing it alone and he insisted a lot, a lot, a lot,” he added. “Every day, until on A time when I tried to get her to leave me alone“.

There came a point where I hallucinated. I was also in the hospital, because I got dehydrated. NOr could I get out of bed to go to the bathroom“he remembered, crying.

“Didn’t you think about running away?” Asked the journalist. And she replied that she couldn’t do it “because I was already addicted and couldn’t stop. “

Operated in Argentina

Mavys also told the journalist Mario Pentón that Diego wanted her to undergo a surgical intervention to increase the volume of your breasts.

Diego Maradona and Mavys, when they had a long relationship in Cuba. Capture TV.

His wish was to have an operation in the house in La Pradera that they lived in Cuba. As she refused for fear of not having adequate conditions there for such a medical procedure, he “decided to do it in Argentina.”

And in fact, it was done in a Buenos Aires clinic whose name Mavys says she can’t remember. “The operation was very difficult, because the wound was opened by Diego’s follies“, he counted.

The talk with Fidel

Mavys Álvarez too revealed the secrets of the meeting between Maradona and Fidel Castro that she witnessed in the Palace of Conventions.

Referring to the circumstances in which she arrived at that meeting, she explained: “Diego wanted me to go to his tribute party (in Argentina) and the only way to travel was through Fidel. So he took me (to see him)” . It should be remembered that at that time, Cubans could not leave the island without being authorized.

On America Tevé, from Miami, Mavys Álvarez recalled the day Diego Maradona took her to see Fidel Castro. Capture TV.

On the other hand, Mavys Álvarez maintained that Maradona wanted Fidel Castro to sell him a house in Havana and Varadero. “Diego did not want the houses given away. Fidel told him that he was giving them to him,” Mavys said about what she had heard at the aforementioned meeting at the Palacio de las Convenciones.

In any case, he assured that he is not aware that it is true that Maradona had become the owner of a property in Cuba, as has been rumored so many times.



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