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Just days after the Minister of Transport and Communications Juan Silva unleash a controversy for noting that “changes” would be made in the state channel, TV Peru, because it “hits” the government, the Executive has opted for a candidate to occupy the position of executive president of the Peruvian Institute of Radio and Television (IRTP), as confirmed by sources from El Comercio. This is Óscar Eduardo Bravo Holguín, who led the list to the Cusco Congress for Advance Country in the general elections last April.

At the beginning of September, El Comercio revealed that the 60-year-old journalist from Cusco was called up for the position. The position has been vacant since the former CEO of the state media conglomerate, Eduardo Guzman, submitted his resignation at the end of July, which was accepted by the culture Ministry in September.

As I know this newspaper, the proposal for Bravo to occupy the presidency of the IRTP comes from the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM), which is headed by the prime minister Guido Bellido.

In June, after failing to reach the votes to win a seat in Congress, Bravo Holguín met with the still candidate Pedro Castillo at his home in Breña. Upon his departure, he told the press that the current president was looking for “a real change” for the country.

I was very pleased to hear from Professor Pedro Castillo a very clear demarcation of left-wing extremist tendencies. He is not a Marxist, Leninist, Maoist, prosendero, promovadef. It has given me great pleasure to hear that he is a Catholic man, Christian, believer, practitioner and what he is looking for is for there to be a real change, where all Peruvians can have a better destiny.”, He pointed out at the time.

Frustrated electoral attempts

During the last electoral campaign, El Comercio revealed that Bravo Holguin He was sued for maintenance, a fact that was resolved through a conciliation. Likewise, the then candidate generated controversy for his statements in an interview with the Cusco channel Inka Vision. “It got me to the egg … that they deceive me, that they rob me and that they insult me“, said.

Then, when asked about the age of the presidential candidate of Avanza País, Hernando de Soto, he replied: “He is 79 years old and has a female 31 years his junior. It grabs onto a leather smaller than yours. What is the problem?”.

Congressional candidate for Avanza País insulted López Aliaga during an interview

According to the Register of Political Organizations (ROP) of the National Elections Jury (JNE), Bravo joined Advance Country on September 30, 2020, on the last day to do so with a view to participating in the 2021 electoral process. Last week, statements given by the former candidate to the newspaper “Expreso” generated annoyance in the intern of said party, since he identified himself as secretary general without being one. The medium was then rectified.

Aldo Borrero, legal representative of the train party, confirmed to El Comercio that Bravo does not hold such a position in the party, and explained that he only had one interim leadership position that was never registered in the ROP.

The 2021 elections, however, were not the first electoral adventure of the possible future president of the IRTP. In 2018, he ran for the provincial mayor of Cusco with the party Together for Peru. In the 2000 general election, he tempted Congress with National solidarity. In neither case was it successful.

Contradiction in resumes

Among the requirements established to occupy the position of executive president of the IRTP They include having a university professional degree or a bachelor’s degree with a master’s degree, as well as having professional experience of no less than seven years in management or advisory positions to senior management in the public or private sector.

However, the resumes delivered by Bravo Holguín to the State at different times contain contradictory information. On the one hand, in the one presented to ETC. For the 2021 elections, he indicated that he did not have university or postgraduate studies. In the resume that he presented for the 2018 electoral process, however, he had indicated having a bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences from Cela International University in Miami, United States, although without postgraduate studies.

Despite the fact that less than a year ago Bravo declared before the ETC. not having postgraduate studies, in the curriculum vitae presented to the government for his application to the position of president of the IRTP, to which El Comercio had access, he stated that he had a Ph.D. in Communication Philosophies and a master’s degree in Communication Sciences, both degrees from Cela International University. This newspaper asked said house of studies if Bravo left its classrooms, but at the end of this report there was no response.

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