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A magazine linked to the ruling party, Free Peru, questioned in its first virtual edition the Minister of Economy and Finance, Pedro Francke, whom he accused of presenting “a neoliberal budget” before Congress.

The magazine called “Marka” – like the left-wing newspaper that circulated in Peru until 1985 – accused Francke of being a minister “of the opposition”, despite the fact that the head of the Economy is a militant from Nuevo Peru, a group allied with the government. .

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The magazine added: “Francke’s neoliberal primary budget does not look at Peru, it does not look at the needs of the people, it is based on statistics of the external economy and its comparison with macroeconomic indicators that have no correlation in the family economy”.

Last August, the Executive sent to Congress the draft budget for the public sector for fiscal year 2022, which amounts to S / 197,002 million. Earlier this month, Francke and Prime Minister Guido Bellido appeared before the plenary to support him.

The magazine “Marka” has as deputy director to Roger Najar, a militant from Peru Libre close to the secretary general of that party, Vladimir Cerrón. Najar was the coordinator of the Peru Libre Bicentennial Plan and was called upon to occupy the position of president of the Council of Ministers, which finally fell to Guido Bellido, also close to Cerrón.

In its first edition, the magazine also spoke out against the statements of the Minister of Justice, Aníbal Torres, who assured that the presence of Cerrón damages the Castillo government. Francke and Torres are two ministers who do not belong to Cerrón’s circle.

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In addition, in the journalistic team of “Marka” appears the ex-chancellor Hector Bejar, who left the Ministerial Cabinet last month, amid questions for statements he gave last November, when he assured that the Navy “initiated” terrorism in Peru.

Also in the team is the militant and leftist leader Ricardo Gadea Acosta, brother of who was the first wife of Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara, Hilda Gadea.

“Indeed, it is a magazine linked to Peru Libre, with some broad criteria of unity of diverse sectors of the left. They have been kind enough to place colleagues from various positions. I am one of those who believes that the press is important, on the one hand; and on the other hand, the unity of the left at a juncture like this. […] The first issue offers a glimpse into the government’s problem, which may be debatable. I am hopeful that if the initiative continues and is successful, we will be able to participate widely“Gadea told Trade.


The Minister of Economy, Pedro Francke, offered an interview to El Comercio about his first days in the management of the MEF.
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