Chile’s military parade honors those who have ‘battled’ against the covid

Chile’s military parade honors those who have ‘battled’ against the covid
Chile’s military parade honors those who have ‘battled’ against the covid

Chile carried out this Sunday, September 19, 2021, a recognition of the workers of the sector Health, of the Armed forces and of the civil society who have “battled” against the coronavirus, during the military parade that celebrates Army Day within the framework of the National Holidays.

Also, during the event, in which they paraded 6 510 uniformed Come in army, Armada, Air Force, police officers from Carabinieri and Policeman from Researchers, a tribute was paid with a minute of silence to the more than 37,000 people who have died for covid-19 on Chile.

“The fact that we have paid a well-deserved tribute to both the people of the Armed Forces and also of Health, from the different sectors, for the battle that we are now winning against the coronavirus, I think it is a great sign of what we can do. as a country when we are united ”, said the Minister of Defense, Baldo Prokurica.

The Undersecretary of Public Health, Paula Daza, joined the tributes to the health workers and pointed out that “they have always been attending, on the front line, giving everything in this situation and also putting off their families ”.

It was the last one parade chaired by the Chilean president, the conservative Sebastian Piñera, who will end his second non-consecutive term in March 2022.

“It is good that all Chileans value, respect and love our national symbols such as our flag, our national anthem and, also, our heroes, our traditions. We have a great country, “said the president.

The celebration from Military stop It was on the air until the beginning of this week and different sectors of the opposition criticized its celebration due to the expense that it supposes at a time when the country leaves the caused recession by pandemic.

About, Procurator He pointed out that the deployment of forces, which also had 34 motorized land vehicles, two helicopters, five planes and more than 150 horses, was 30% lower than on other occasions.

On the outskirts of the park where the parade, a group of about 40 people installed barricades in protest of the event, resulting in 26 of them detained.

According police sources, those protesting confronted the police force with “blunt objects” when they were going to be dispersed, wounding an agent.

The parade was held without an audience this year due to the sanitary restrictions due to the pandemic and contemplated the mandatory use of a surgical mask.

Every September 18 Chile will commemorate the anniversary of the first Government Junta of the country, which took place on September 18, 1810, which preceded the national emancipation and which is taken as the central day of the National Holidays for the independence of the country.

The Great Military Parade It has been celebrated since 1832, when the then president, José Joaquín Prieto, determined that it should be part of the national festivities in homage to the Liberation Army created for the War of Independence.

In 1915, on September 19, the Day of the Glories of the Army.

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