Alianza Lima continues as the only undefeated and leader of Phase II: See how the table was

Alianza Lima continues as the only undefeated and leader of Phase II: See how the table was
Alianza Lima continues as the only undefeated and leader of Phase II: See how the table was

The curtain was lowered on the eleventh date of Phase II of Liga1 Betsson with twenty-six goals scored (an average of 2.9 per game) and having Alianza Lima as the only undefeated, the least beaten team -received only six goals- and absolute leader .

The intimates on this day defeated Cusco FC with a double by Argentine Hernán Barcos and thus added their 15th match without biting the dust of defeat. His last fall was on May 2 when he was defeated by Sporting Cristal in Phase I.

The Blue and Whites have 27 points, six more than their closest pursuer, Sporting Cristal, although the Celestes still have a pending match against Binacional to be played next October.

Cristal thrashed at UTC on this date and is not only the highest scoring team in Phase II with 26 goals, but it remains the leader in the accumulated table with 45 points, two more than Alianza Lima.

In the third box is FBC Melgar with 19 units, after his tie against Ayacucho FC. Despite their irregularity, the rojinegros, for now, are in the qualifying zone in the Copa Sudamericana.

With 19 points, Sport Boys is also located after their good victory over Binacional. The rosés are also in that squad of teams that have 28 units in the accumulated table and are located in the international tournament classification zone.

The other teams that also have 28 units in the accumulated are Ayacucho FC, Universitario and UTC. Of these three teams, none of them won on this day

The creams fell to Municipal and have only achieved five points in the last 15 in dispute. In favor of the ‘U’ is the fact that their rivals who fight in this part of the table have not added either.

On the issue of relegation, Binacional is last in the accumulated table with 15 points, although with one game less, and the penultimate is Cusco FC with 16 units.

For its part, Alianza Atlético is third to last with 18 points and, for now, it is the team that would have to revalidate the category.

Of the teams that fight the bottom of the accumulated table, Deportivo Municipal won its last two games and escaped from the red zone, while U. San Martín is the reverse of the coin because it has not won 11 games (3E, 8D ) and is also complicated with the issue of relegation.

Date 12 will be played midweek and many teams will have to wake up if they don’t want to have bigger surprises. It only remains to wait.

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