Google tests new function to offer discount coupons

Google tests new function to offer discount coupons
Google tests new function to offer discount coupons

Google Chrome is preparing the ground to introduce a new feature to its interface. This will aim to alert users about discounts on purchases online; additionally, the creation of a shopping list included in the search engine also seems to be a possibility. These tools are not new. In fact, one of its legendary competitors, Microsoft Edge, has had the automatic coupon offer for some time, which can be activated or deactivated by Internet users as they wish.

Another example of this is the Honey brand, specifically dedicated to serving as an automatic and intelligent virtual coupon reminder. This works as an extension in Chrome and has been in the industry for years. It is logical that there are a variety of options for this specific task given the amount of online purchases that are made on a daily basis.

In the current context, it has never been so essential to have a virtual store in which to publish your products and communicate with your buyers. Suddenly, be aware of the best offers in Internet it also becomes extremely important.

The way the tool would work in Chrome, as reported on the Chrome Story webpage, is through real-time prompts. That is, the search engine would send a notice to the user about a coupon that can be applied to the product that he is reviewing at the same time. An alert message, a description of the product and the discount percentage will then appear on the screen, as well as the alternative site where you could buy the product coupon in hand.

There are still no more details about it, and the update that includes the tool has not yet been carried out in the trial version of the search engine, Chrome Canary. What do you think about this possible addition?

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Google tests function offer discount coupons

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