El Peruano – Appointed Secretary General of the Ministry – RESOLUTION – Nº 1113-2021 / MINSA – EXECUTIVE BRANCH

ministerial Resolution

n ° 1113-2021 / minsa

Lima, September 18, 2021

VIEWED; File No. 21-111157-001;


That, through Secretarial Resolution No. 187-2021 / MINSA, dated July 27, 2021, the reordering of positions of the Table for the Assignment of Provisional Personnel of the Central Administration of the Ministry of Health was approved, in which the position of Secretary / a General (CAP – P No. 37), is classified as a public official;

That, it has been seen as convenient to appoint Mrs. MARÍA ELENA JUSCAMAITA ARANGÜENA, in the position indicated above;

That, through Report No. 910-2021-EIE-OARH-OGGRH / MINSA, the General Office for Human Resources Management issues a favorable opinion on the proposed personnel action;

With the approval of the General Director (e) of the General Office of Human Resources Management and the General Director of the General Office of Legal Advice; and,

In accordance with the provisions of Law No. 27594, Law that regulates the participation of the Executive Power in the appointment and appointment of public officials; Law No. 29158, Organic Law of the Executive Power; Legislative Decree No. 1161, Law of Organization and Functions of the Ministry of Health and its amendments;


Sole Article.- Appoint Mrs. MARÍA ELENA JUSCAMAITA ARANGÜENA, in the position of Secretary General (CAP – P No. 37), Level F-6, of the Ministry of Health.

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Peruano Appointed Secretary General Ministry RESOLUTION MINSA EXECUTIVE BRANCH

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