United States: a family spotted a UFO in the middle of the route and the video went viral

United States: a family spotted a UFO in the middle of the route and the video went viral
United States: a family spotted a UFO in the middle of the route and the video went viral

Theories about extraterrestrial life there are many but none proven. Around the Martians and UFOs there are many myths and with the passage of time the assumptions and superstitions on the part of humans grow that are divided between those who are convinced that there is life on another planet inhabited by strange beings and those who are totally skeptical.

Some of this happened in the city of Keokuk, Iowa, in the United States when a family driving their vehicle on the road saw a strange light that they mistook for a UFO. In the video that they recorded themselves and then shared on social networks to the intrigue of users, a girl is heard asking her parents if what they are seeing in their path are aliens.

Family spotted a UFO. Photo: YouTube captureBy: Photo: YouTube capture

Immediately, the girl’s mother, somewhat incredulous at the situation, replied that she did not and that she assumed it was a airplane or a drone. After the clip had an impact due to its viralization on the internet, the father of this family, Jay Mitchell, who is from Hamilton, Illinois, explained to the media what happened.

“We noticed it in the sky because it was a big bright star and we thought it was strange that there was a bright star during the day. It didn’t move for a few minutes, but we started filming when it started moving across the sky, ”the man said.

Later, Jay, who is sure that what he saw with his family was not an airplane, explained: “As for what it was, I’m not sure. It was definitely not an airplane. It was a few hundred meters in the sky and it was too low for a large plane. I’m not sure what it was exactly. It was very big and very bright ”.

The repercussions on social media

Once the video is known, the neighbors in the area through which this family was traveling, they added comments about it and some assured in the comments of the material on social networks that they had experienced similar situations.

“My sister lives near that area in the Mississippi and he’s been seeing crazy things in the sky for the past few months. I think something might be going on in that part of the state. Their neighbors come now and watch the skies with them because they constantly see very strange things, ”said one user.

While another added: “This is precisely the same piece of heaven in which my family repeatedly sees strange things”.

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