Teacher fired for having an ‘Onlyfans’ assures that she does not find a new job because of her sensuality | Society

It was last July when international media reported on the case of an American teacher who was fired from a school after her bosses found out that she had an account in Onlyfans (adult content site).

His name is Amy Kupps and before this discovery she was teaching 13 and 14 year old students in a public school in the state of North Carolina.

Recently, in an interview with the English newspaper Mirror, Kupps said that it has been extremely difficult for him to find a regular job again.

In the teacher’s opinion, this is because many of the recruiters would become “nervous and intimidated” by her presence.

“Being so sexy was always a problem for me. But now I’m so confident in myself that I’m too intimidating, ”Kupps said.


Due to the above, the woman indicated that she once applied for a job in a store, but the interview with the manager did not turn out as she expected.

“I went to an interview for a job in a store and the manager made me go to his office. When I sat down, I noticed that he got nervous ”, Indian.

“He kept giving me glances. Also, I was sweating and shivering conspicuously, I couldn’t think of questions to ask myself. He asked permission, withdrew for a few seconds, and when he returned, the interview ended abruptly, “he added.

He also related a strange experience he had when he tried to apply for a job at a car dealership.

“I recently tried to get a job at a car dealership and one of the employees couldn’t take his eyes off me. The worst happened because he crashed a customer’s Mercedes-Benz into the garage door, “he said.

For now, Kupps said he will continue to publish content on Onlyfans, but stresses that he needs to find a stable job.

“I love doing OnlyFans and looking like a Barbie, but I have to find a real job for health insurance since I’m not teaching,” she concluded.

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