District job offer turned out to be false

District job offer turned out to be false
District job offer turned out to be false

Was the Secretary of Government the one who reported

that there is a WhatsApp chain in which a false call to access employment with the District is disclosed.

In the malicious message, it says that the contract would be for performance of services and that it would go until July 2022.

It is also mentioned that the shifts for the applicants would be rotating and of about 8 hours. Among the functions would be “Be present in social demonstrations in the city” and the supposed salary would be around 2,500,000 pesos.

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Mayor’s Office targets criminal gangs for ‘fake news’ about job offer

The Government Secretariat clarified that the offers are launched through official channels. At the time invited to report these anomalies on line 4446900 or email [email protected]

The Mayor’s Office, for its part, echoed the complaint on its official website and asked that if any citizen receives the offer, not share it “so that more people are deceived by these criminal gangs ”.

He also stated that there are several channels to establish communication with the Mayor’s Office, among them, the District System for the Management of Citizen Petitions, the virtual window and the virtual window for filing correspondence of the Secretary of Government for any procedure or request.

This is the District’s complaint:


District job offer turned false

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