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“The Lord of the heavens” It is one of the most successful narcoseries in recent years. The Telemundo production, which allowed Rafael Amaya to achieve fame, became an international phenomenon thanks to its great story based on the life of Amado Carrillo Fuentes, a powerful cocaine trafficker in Mexico and who was the leader of the Juarez Cartel.

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The Mexican drug lord was known as “The Lord of the heavens”, a nickname he earned for owning the largest fleet of light aircraft for traffic from Colombia to Mexico and the United States. The DEA claimed that the kingpin owned at least 30 aircraft, including some Boeing 727s from which he removed the fuselage, seats and everything necessary to transport the drug.

His criminal career came to an end on July 4, 1997, the date on which Amado Carrillo Fuentes died in Mexico. But how did the death of the drug lord happen? Here we tell you all the details.

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On July 3, 1997, Amado Carrillo, under the false name of Antonio Flores Montes, was admitted to Hospital Santa Mónica, in the exclusive area of ​​Polanco, in Mexico City, with the intention of undergoing liposuction and surgery. to change his face and thus evade the authorities of Mexico and the United States.

The operations would be in charge of the Colombian doctor Ricardo Reyes, but during the surgical intervention something went wrong and the capo died “due to the residual presence of anesthetic-type pharmacological agents,” according to the autopsy report that was released in its time by the authorities.

The death of Amado Carrillo was declared at 06:00, in room 407, where no one was accompanying him at that time. It was thus that the drug lord passed away on July 4, 1997 at the age of 40.

Amado Carrillo with one of the planes in his fleet (Photo: AFP)

It is believed that the death of Amado Carrillo was not an accident, but was planned by members of another cartel. The police have well-founded suspicions that it could be a murder. As well as there are suspicions that he is still alive.

The family of Amado Carrillo confirmed his death on July 4, the body had been transferred to the García López Funeral Home in the capital, from there to be taken to his native Sinaloa with a death certificate that had the false name he used before entering to the operating room.

Despite doubts and rumors, the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) confirmed the death of the drug lord. Thomas Constantine, who was then director, affirmed: “He was perhaps the most important drug lord in Mexico,” he pointed out to the international media at the time.

The doctors in charge of operating on Amado Carrillo were assassinated four months later. It was a Sunday in November 1997, when police found human remains on the road that belonged to the bodies of three doctors who were in charge of the drug lord’s operation.

It was on the highway that goes from Mexico City to the tourist port of Acapulco where the human remains wrapped in drums were found abandoned. A fetid odor and blood stains caught the attention of the authorities passing by. Right there the policemen opened one, broke the cement and found human remains.

In the Forensic Medical Service of the city of Iguala, they extracted two other bodies from the two unopened drums. The victims were three tall men with signs of torture, who the authorities identified as Jaime Godoy, Carlos Ávila and Ricardo Reyes.

The body of Carrillo Fuentes in the Attorney General’s Office (Photo: AFP)


Much has been speculated on whether Carrillo really died in the hospital where he was assured that the events took place. There is talk about a supposed “planning” where the death of the capo would be faked, thus giving him total freedom to mobilize. Although nothing has been proven, the mystery surrounding the story of the “Lord of the skies “ it continues to be the subject of debate, giving rise to documentaries, books, series, etc., on the life of the kingpin.

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