Sara Sofía Galván: what is the case of her disappearance going on – Crimes – Justice

Sara Sofía Galván: what is the case of her disappearance going on – Crimes – Justice
Sara Sofía Galván: what is the case of her disappearance going on – Crimes – Justice

This Friday, the case of Sara Sofia Galván, the little girl who is already missing for more than six months, could take an important turn after the request for annulment of the process presented by Carolina Galván and Nilson Díaz, the mother and stepfather of the minor.

In the case, the Prosecutor’s Office accuses Carolina Galván Cuesta and Nilson Bladimir Díaz Valenzuela for the crime of aggravated enforced disappearance and, if found guilty, they could face a sentence of more than 40 years in prison.

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According to the indictment published by EL TIEMPO, the Prosecutor’s hypothesis is that the girl passed away and his body was laid on the bank of the Tunjuelito river gutter.

“​Having advanced the different investigative activities, the hypothesis that has gained more strength is that the girl died and the lifeless body, after being wrapped in a blue blanket, was introduced in a white fiber sack, which is tied with a cord in a brown shoe and put on the banks of the Tunjuelito river gutter by Nilson, Carolina’s sentimental partner (…) Despite the search, to date the body has not been located, “the letter reads.

However, the defense of the accused requested the authorities abort the process against him because, as they argue, the Prosecutor’s Office had committed several errors in the process, specifically at the hearing to formulate charges.

According to the lawyers, the indictment must contain a delimitation of the conduct judged, that is, it must specify the time, manner and place of the crimes for which Díaz and Galván are accused.

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Nilson Diaz and Carolina Galván at the time of their capture.


Bogotá Metropolitan Police

However, the prosecution would have lacked precise data due to the lack of tests and exact details about what happened to the minor, who has not been found alive, but her body has not been found during these six months.

Thus, this Friday, July 30, a new hearing will be held in which the decision on the nullity of the process and, in such case of being annulled, Carolina Galván and Nilson Díaz could be released.

In any case, the determination of the continuity of the process against those accused of the disappearance of the minor Sara Sofía would be given this Friday at the hearing scheduled for two in the afternoon.

At the moment, Nilson Díaz is being held in La Picota and Galván prison in El Buen Pastor.


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