Eddy Alviarez’s bicycle is stolen in Olympic Village Tokyo 2020

Eddy Alviarez’s bicycle is stolen in Olympic Village Tokyo 2020
Eddy Alviarez’s bicycle is stolen in Olympic Village Tokyo 2020


Daniel Dhers, Venezuelan freestyle BMX rider, shared on his Instagram account that his partner Eddy Alviarez had his bicycle stolen at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Village. “They don’t steal it in (Catia) Caracas but today They stole my friend’s bicycle in the Olympic Village », he published on his profile.

In the video, he explained that, like any other morning, he and his partner Eddy went to breakfast and left their bikes with the rest. «We were there for about 40 minutes, we took our time; when We left the dining room, the bicycle was not there, it disappeared ».

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For his part, Eddy shared on his Instagram stories that he was still waiting for his bike to appear. However, Daniel Dhers published a photo hours later in which he indicated that had to lend him a spare to his partner because they still had no answer as to where he could be.

«The safest thing is that it appears. We spoke with the president of the Venezuelan Olympic Committee. They started looking for the solution, because, well, there are cameras“Said Dhers, who also added that it could all be due to confusion.

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Eddy Alviarezs bicycle stolen Olympic Village Tokyo

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