Joey Jordison and his fight against transverse myelitis and drugs

Joey Jordison and his fight against transverse myelitis and drugs
Joey Jordison and his fight against transverse myelitis and drugs

Joey Jordison considered one of the greatest drummers of all time, he fought against the mielitis transversa and beat the disease that causes inflammation on both sides of a section of the spinal cord That took away his ability to play drums and he continued to give his all on stage.

“It was at the end of the shows that we did in memory of Paul Gray. We were at CanadaIt was the end of the tour and something happened to me, I didn’t know what it was, but I felt super sick. You can be very sick and keep playing, but it was something I had never felt before, then they discovered that I had transverse myelitis, a neurological disease that affects your spine and disables your legs.

“I played those last shows and I was really scared, I didn’t know what it was. He wasn’t even drinking, everything was fine, but he had to be carried on stage. The pain was something that I had never felt and I would not wish it even on my worst enemy, “said the drummer in an interview with Metal Hammer.

Joey went on to say that his illness was a catalyst for his teammates to Slipknot, they kicked him out of the band in 2013, he commented that they thought he had a drug problem again and that’s why he couldn’t play drums.

“No meeting with the band? None. Something from management? No, nothing. All I got was a stupid, fucking email saying I was out of the band that I broke my ass all my life to create, ”he said at the time.

In 2017 the musician in different interviews pointed out that he was still in contact with several members of the alternative metal group, as they cataloged it, and also announced that he was in good health and ready to continue with his new projects, including Vimic, a band that formed with some of his colleagues from his other project Scar the Martyr.

Joey was born in Des Moines, Iowa, was a co-founder of the now legendary metal band Slipknot, later Paul Gray invited him to be part of it in 1995, with whom he made four studio albums and one live.

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“When I am with Slipknot, it is like a cold, when we are all together, there is nothing like that, it is something out of series, it is like a strange sensation, once we get together in a room something happens …”, he said in one interview that is included in the DVD “Voliminal: Inside the Nine”, which they released in 2006.

The drummer’s skill and compositional abilities were recognized by many musicians in the metal scene who sought to work or do something with him, Marilyn Manson asked him to remix his hit “The Fight Song” and included it in his video appeared in his video “Tainted Love”, cover that he will make of the band Soft Cell.

With Murderdolls and recorded a CD called “Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls”, played drums on the band’s “Rio Grande Blood” album. Ministry.

Even Metallica Asked to impersonate Lars Ulrich due to an intestinal infection, during his performance at the Download Festival in 2004, he was also the drummer for some live performances of Korn.

After being named the best drummer of the last 25 years by “Rhythm Magazine” Jordison commented:

“I was speechless. To my friends and fans on the other side of the world, thank you, this is beyond incredible. Something like this reminds me every day why I continue with this. It is because of all of you that I am very passionate and still I love what I do. My fans keep pushing me, if I didn’t have them I wouldn’t be where I am now. ”

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Joey buys his grave, for drug trouble

In 2008, the composer opened up in an interview for Kerrang! Magazine, and spoke for the first time about his problem with drug addiction, and even emphasized that he was in such bad shape, that he had already bought his own grave, in Second Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa.

“I realized I had a problem with the… the phone was off the hook, I wouldn’t open the door, the lights were off, and I was in a bad temper the whole time. So my sister sent me a picture of my nephew and she put it on the phone and she said, ‘I love you Uncle Joey’ and I was thoughtful and I said to myself, it’s over, this is fucking stupid, I realized that basically I it was killing, it made me realize what is really important in my life and that I would have done a lot of bad things to people. ”

The former Slipknot drummer, died yesterday, July 26 at the age of 46, while he was sleeping, he reported in a statement that his family released on social networks and that TMZ distributed it.

“We have worked hard to get here, this was not a free ride as celebrities, everything I have wanted to achieve, I have achieved …”, he expressed on the DVD.


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