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The security cameras installed in the home of the businesswoman Fiorela Díaz Díaz (32), in Freedom, revealed the moments of terror that she experienced when she was stabbed by her ex-partner, Elmer Lucano Llanos, who today was confined in the El Milagro de Trujillo prison, after the San Pedro de Lloc Preparatory Investigation Court dictated nine months of preventive detention for the alleged crime of aggravated femicide.

According to the images, Lucano Llanos enters the woman’s home, located in the Guadalupe district of Pacasmayo province, in the La Libertad region, at 1:10 a.m. on Sunday, July 18. First he goes to the kitchen to get the knife with which he would commit the crime and then goes up to the room of their eldest daughter. However, after not finding his ex-partner, he moves to another room.

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In this other environment, Lucano found Fiorela with his current partner, Jorge Ernesto Colchado Malca, and first stabs him several times. Later, he escapes injured and leaves Fiorela alone with the aggressor. The attack on the woman lasted less than 25 seconds, according to the images. “It is clear that there is premeditation to attack the victim. Unfortunately, he received 39 stab wounds ”, indicated the lawyer for the victim’s family, Juan Alvarado Espinoza.

La Libertad: Security camera installed in the victim’s room, the subject is seen to attack the current partner of his ex-partner first.

The lawyer added that it is also being investigated whether the alleged femicide received help from someone to enter the victim’s home. “The plates were changed a week ago and he entered it without much effort”, Held.

La Libertad: The victim tries to defend her partner who is injured and runs off for help; while the businesswoman struggles with the aggressor.

After committing the crime, the alleged femicide he was detained by the police when he tried to flee to the town of Hualgayoc, in the Cajamarca region, on a motorcycle driven by his cousin, Salomón Llanos Cieza, who was also arrested. At the time of his intervention, his pants still showed blood stains as a result of the violent attack perpetrated to the detriment of his ex-partner and her current partner.

La Libertad: The uncontrolled subject throws the woman to bed, where he stabs her 39 times to end her life.
La Libertad: The uncontrolled subject throws the woman to bed, where he stabs her 39 times to end her life.

A police report confirms that the alleged perpetrator of the crime of femicide and attempted murder, Elmer Lucano Llanos, has several police complaints, including physical and psychological violence; as well as abandonment of home in 2017 to the present. Relatives of the unfortunate businesswoman stated that she did not receive the justice she demanded, because despite the guarantees and restrictive measures, she was not provided the required protection.

The accused was taken under strict security measures to the prison in the city of Trujillo and where he will be held while the investigations continue. The defense of the victim will ask for the maximum penalty of life imprisonment.


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